Jim Simon's 1957 Fender Stratocaster
The Holy Grail Stratocaster
$75,000 for my Stratocaster. Call 618-475-2997

Early photos when I first got the guitar.


History: My dad bought the guitar and an old Gibson amp for Christmas in 1963. it is black with a maple neck. I have it in it's original case. I played this guitar almost every day until May 1982. that May I decided to send the neck back to Fender, as the frets were shot and I was wearing through the lacquer on the neck. Anyway in June of that same year I was in an auto accident that left me a quadriplegic. I never played her again. I have only seen her once since then on Christmas at my grandma's in 1982. She was like new, she's only been out of her case one other time since then when I sent my son over to get the serial number. Guess what, after 28 years in her case without ever being touched she was still in perfect tune. When I did take the neck off to send in, the date 11-57 was penciled on the end, same month and year as my birthday.

Why am I selling it now: After seeing a Picasso painting (That looked like a blind 4 year old drew with crayons) sell for way over 100 million dollars, I told my wife it's time to let her go. She doesn't want me to sell her, but being unable to ever play her again and having 5 grand kids (1 who is Autistic) it's time to think about the future. I will only use a small portion of the money for myself (to make my house handicapped assessable.) The rest will go into a trust fund for them.

Is it original: Yes, every pickup, switch, knob and hardware are all original except I had Schaller tuners and a brass nut put on the neck. I did have the original tuners at my grandma's house, but after she passed away we were unable to find where she had stored them. I haven't seen her or my other instruments in 28 years. S/N 024100 Color is black, which I understand must have been custom ordered, since standard was sun burst.

Please do not contact me unless you want to buy her. I do not need your opinion on what she's worth. I don't need the money and don't give a damn if I ever sell her. I would like whoever gets her, loves and plays her every day like I did.
I gave her the name (Holy Grail) after all the fuss when I first put her for sale on ebay........ Phone 618-475-2997

Recent photos taken on fathers day 2010, first time I saw her in 28 years....


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